Wednesday, May 26, 2010

catching up

Before I forget, here are some highlights from the last couple of shows I've been in...

This is our "fairy" tent at the Alberta Art was very swanky in a rustic sort of way. We even had a cushy old wool rug to cover up the asphalt and make everyone feel comfy. Every little kid (and dog) who wandered in wanted to lie down on it and take a nap.

Gretchen made sure she got a hug from this one before he plopped down on the rug in the shade.

The street was crowded, and even though the sales were sluggish, the people watching was excellent.

And despite the fact that we didn't make the big bucks we were hoping for, it turned out to be a very enjoyable day.

Here's a group shot of my fellow artists from the Art Over Macleay Park show last weekend:

(photo courtesy of Kris Zorko)
Once we started in on the margaritas I almost forgot I even had a camera!

One of Liz Sullivan's political sculptures...does that face look vaguely familiar?
Here's another one...can you name all the seven evil dwarves?

Okay, last many people do you know who have a seven foot giraffe in their dining room?

Everyone I know is doing their part to Keep Portland Weird.

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