Friday, December 3, 2010

holiday sale opens tonight!

I'm still pulling things together for our opening tonight. The studio is looking good, and the panic hasn't set in yet. The good news is, the sun is out! It's a perfectly gorgeous, and slightly warm December afternoon. Here's a last minute sneak peek of how it's shaping up:

Here's the view of the back door...
gorgeous, earthy pottery by Marla Munnich

jewelry and the coolest little chair ornaments by my friend Gretchen Boylan

sweet onesies by JoanHeart (Sandra Loewe and Heidi Hardman)

 mixed media birdie hanging by yours truly

mosaic by Pauline Dugas Tait

groovy little owl ornaments by Rachael Ramos

Stay tuned for links to these artists websites in the sidebar!
(I'm too busy to set it up today.)

Cheers, Jane

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