Wednesday, June 6, 2012

portland artists: putting birds on things since the beginning of time

Yeah, I know. Thanks to the TV show Portlandia, the art scene around here has become the butt of a lot of jokes...but there's no denying that Oregonians like nature, and birds are a big part of nature, so it stands to reason that nature-lovin' Portland artists would paint them, photograph them, wear them and sculpt them...
These cute little wooden signs are made with repurposed red oak parquet flooring and the birds and letters are cut from old pulp fiction paperbacks.
What could be more Portland than recycled art with birds on it?

In fact, the studio is practically overrun with little ceramic birds like these chickadees by
and a couple of curious baby owls by Michelle Gallagher
Here's a beautiful birdie necklace 
by artist Gretchen Boylan...
and another from jeweler Holly Hestand 
Tonight is our preview evening and artist's reception, so come on by and meet many of our talented artists and learn about their work!
Click on the Summer Sale image in the sidebar to the left for a map to the studio.

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