Monday, July 27, 2015

Cactus Types

Cactus is a plant, which helps in maintaining the ecosystem of nature. It is commonly found in the dry regions of the world. The plant grows easily. The plant, which does not require much care, can grow in the most barren areas as well.

There are different cacti types present in market. The most common type is the Arid Climate Cacti. It can survive even in desert conditions. Arid Climate Cacti has spines and sometimes bears flowers. This one is mostly used as an ornamental plant. The different family types of the Arid Climate Cacti are Star Cactus, Sea Urchin, Bishop's cap and Chin Cacti. The spines present on this type are twisted around.

Secondly, rainforest Cacti, which grows in the rainforest. The rain forest cacti bear pretty flowers in them which make these cacti a great thanksgiving gift during Easter and Christmas. Rain forest cactus looks different from arid one. All rain forest cacti have flat wide green stems which forms the structure of leaves. The type Rain forest has not even thorns. Water requirement of rain forest types are more in comparison to arid cactus but water should not be present in flooded condition. Rainforest cactus is given more water during summer months as it may die due to absence of water.

The Rainforest type requires sunlight but excess of sunlight will hamper the plant. This type is mostly used to decorate the interiors of the house. The family exists of the Easter- and Orchid cactus. The orchid rain forest is a cactus which blooms in high humidity and shaded heat. She bears colorful flowers of at least six inches long, generally the flowers bloom during night time.

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